Survivors! 30 Year Veterans Tell Longevity Secrets!

Originally Aired  July 16, 2012


Randy D. Adler, President of Pookie Enterprises, Inc., and owner off Bab’s in Midtown
Sachiyo Takahara, owner of Nakato Restaurant

This episode features two extraordinary success stories, 30 year veterans of the food industry.

Bab's Great FoodRandy D. Adler, President of Pookie Enterprises, Inc., which does consulting and owner of  “Babs” located in Midtown~ which specializes in Gourmet Dining, Sunday Brunch as well as carryout gourmet food, corporate, social delivery and full service catering – lunch, dinners and reception trays.

Nakato in Atlanta

Nakato in Atlanta

Nakato is celebrating its 40th anniversary and third generation of ownership, truly remarkable achievements.  They feature a Teppan grill “Hibachi” dining room, a garden dining room, where the atmosphere is a little more elegant and the cuisine is more like what you would find in Japan, and private tatami rooms, which capture the elegance and harmony of the Japanese aesthetic.