Food Trucks: Mac Helms, Terry Hall, Howard Hsu

Food Trucks: Mac Helms, Terry Hall, Howard Hsu
Will air July 23, 2012

The mobile food truck trend has sweep the nation. In this episode, we meet three of Atlanta’s most interesting and progressive truck owners.

Mac Helms started Tex’s Tacos where they feature ‘Nueva Texicana,’ a fresh & exciting take on traditional Tex-Mex cuisine. The menu features a tantalizing blend of well-known Tex-Mex favorites, authentic Mexican classics, and original ‘Nueva Texicana’ creations.




Tex’s Tacos’ Mac and Harrison

Terry Hall owns The Happy Belly truck which is a farm to street food truck that serves delicious food . . . the kind that runs down your arm and puts a big smile on your face.





Happy Belly food truck

Howard Hsu of Sweet Auburn is the leading barbecue caterer, with unique recipes based on traditional homestyle southern comfort food and simple slow, slow smoked BBQ







Sweet Auburn BBQ truck