Twisted Taco Expansion with Tom Nahas

Guest Tom Nahas of  Twisted Taco and coming soon Big Kahuna.

Twisted Taco

Twisted Taco

Tom Nahas joined us to talk about Twisted Taco, which was established in 2002.  It quickly became one of the hottest places in midtown, and tested the concept in the suburbs, where it thrived.  Twisted Taco is a cross between an old West saloon and a sports bar, featuring top shelf Tex-Mex cuisine including California style burritos, sizzling fajitas, homemade salsas and of course, their famous “Twisted” tacos.  There are now 8 locations across the area, and growing.

Tom also introduced his new concept,  Big Kahuna. Big Kahuna will be an innovative and exciting flex casual concept, offering a fast casual lunch and full service dining in the evening. It will feature a 30-foot bar, multiple 50-inch flat screens, and outdoor patio seating.  The first location is across from Morton’s Downtown location and will have a surf theme with whitewashed wood. Sounds great.

Tom shared his insights into location selection, themes, menus, marketing and finance.  You are sure to learn from his great insight.


Check out Twisted Taco  here.  Also keep on the lookout for Big Kahuna opening soon.