Community with Jim ‘n Nick’s and Genki

Guests: Brian Lyman from Jim and Nick’s and Reid Zeising from Genki Noodles and Sushi.

This episode was about community and community marketing.  Want to know how to market a location, listen to this.  We also got into health care, HR, and how to fix a failing restaurant.  Great stuff. And both guests brought food to eat!

Jim and Nick's Cheese Biscuits

Jim and Nick’s Cheese Biscuits

Jim ‘n Nick’s is in it 27th year. Brian Lyman is the consummate restaurant guy, as his resume is like  a Who’s Who of dining out. He is now a partner at Jim ‘n Nick’s and runs the 5 locations here in Atlanta.  Jim ‘n Nick’s cooks it BBQ for 14 hours and this slow approach to food has been taken to growth too.

They open only one new location a year. All made from scratch, this southern food focuses on the pig and the sides, and is truly delicious eating.

Brian shared the company’s community focus and how they use it to help spread the word about Jim ‘n Nick’s. A part of all sales go back to community programs.



Reid Zeising grew up in Japan and after a career in investment banking brought his love of Japanese food to Atlanta.  Genki  Sushi and Noodles (“genki” means health or happiness in Japanese) combines restaurant traditions that in Japan would be like having a Ruth Chris’ share space with a Dunkin Donuts!  He serves all the Japanese greatest hits, yakisoba (cooked noodles), tonkatsu (pork cutlets), sushi, and donburi bowls (various things over rice).  In Japan, you would have to visit 4 places to get this variety.  Started in 1996, Genki now has 3 locations and has just opened 2 micro-locations at the Stadium and is going to have a food truck “soon.” Their restaurants feature jelly fish aquariums and cool, hip music.

Also, get to hear host Jim and Reid speak some really rusty Japanese.