Social Media Made Easy for Chefs!

Guest: Ellen Malloy, Founder of Restaurant Intelligence Agency (RIA)

Ellen Malloy

Ellen Malloy

Long-time restaurant publicist and one of Chicago’s most influential people in food, Ellen Malloy is growing a great company to help chefs and owners called Restaurant Intelligence Agency (RIA). RIA is a web-based tool that chefs and restaurants can use to manage their online marketing. The goal of RIA is to make managing social media, journalists and customer outreach effective, simple, and affordable.

Founded in 2007, RIA connects restaurants to the media and the  public with simple, easy-to-use software. Her goal is to show how RIA’s tools can redefine the focus of restaurant marketing by building stronger, sustainable communities of chef-focused social media. Her products, Spoonfeed and Soapbox, help chefs, mixologists, sommeliers and other restaurant personnel get attention. The tools are designed to let industry professionals craft, manage and grow their brands, while providing a database of information for both media and diners about the industry that is unavailable anywhere else. The tools  allow members to “speak for themselves” and in doing so, create a more engaging and more authentic relationship with their diners and the media.

Ellen worked in public relations, marketing and as Sales Manager for Lyric Opera of Chicago before moving to the restaurant industry. Determined to learn the business of cooking from the ground up, she worked for two of Chicago’s most esteemed chefs, Michael Kornick and Jacky Pluton. She rounded out this on-the-job training with a culinary education from the Culinary School of Kendall College, where she graduated at the top of her class. She later earned a Sommelier certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers.

We love her ideas and tools for chefs and think you will benfit greatly from this great interview!