Leadership Guru for Restaurants

Guest: Chase LeBlanc, Founder and CEO of Leadagers

Chase LeBlanc

Chase LeBlanc

Chase started off as a busboy and worked his way to the top of the hospitality industry, our favorite story! As a college senior, the local hangout went bust and Chase thought he do better. He raised the money (listen to hear how much he needed, might surprise you!) and I promise HOW he raised the money will shock and amuse you. After sleeping at the place during build-out so he could get more done, he sold the place 4 years later for more than he thought it was worth. His marketing plan to assure a big opening is also a lesson for every restaurant marketing manager.

Now he runs Leadagers, which teaches leadership skills to the restaurant industry. His story of how so many good bartenders become assistant manager is classic and the reason for the problem he solves. His book called “High Impact Hospitality: Upgrade Your Purpose, Performance, and Profits” details many of his lessons.

Other topics in this great interview:

  • how the male brain doesn’t finish developing until 25,
  • what a restaurant is worth,
  • how to have a grand opening in a blizzard,
  • how to manage in a hurricane,
  • how the buyers that bought his place killed it in 8 months,
  • and more!

Chase also writes for Hotel F&B Magazine, The New York Times, and Chicago’s “Food Industry News.”