A Mixologist in Charge!

Guests: Jerry Slator of H Harper Station and  Jan Trebley of Dining Out Magazine

Jerry Jan

Jerry & Jan at H. Harper’s

H. Harper Station is the type place you feel comfortable hanging out in, spending time drinking, talking, watching a game, just being. But they do that very, very well.

H. Harper Station, located in Atlanta’s Reynoldstown neighborhood, is owned and operated by mixologist Jerry Slater, formerly of One Flew South, his consulting project at Atlanta’s Airport. Jerry designed H. Harper Station to be the place that he and his friends would eat and drink at on their days off.

Located at the historic Atlanta & West Point rail station, H. Harper Station has design flourishes from its historic past with modern versions of classic cocktails and southern diner staples. H. Harper Station bears the name of Jerry’s maternal grandfather, Harold Harper, a railroad engineer for more than 40 years.

Some things we talked about:

  • Jerry’s checkered past and history,
  • His grandfather and the connection to the restaurant,
  • Organic versus local grown,
  • Joy of farmers markets,
  • The love of tots,
  • The story of his biggest tip (you’d be surprised),
  • Healthcare costs, and
  • What he looks for in a server.



And Jan Trebley is back, for her third (or fourth?) visit with us! She is Social Media director of Dining Out Magazine and  gave us her update for 2013, including dish on the newest issue featuring Fins.

And to follow Jim….