Just What Does F&B Stand For?

Guests: Fabrice Vergez and Cindy Brown of F&B

Fabrice Vergez and Cindy Brown

Fabrice Vergez and Cindy Brown

F&B is one of Atlanta’s hottest new eateries, by some of Atlanta’s most popular owners, Cindy Brown and Fabrice Vergez. They ran Brasserie LeCoze at Lenox Square and FAB downtown, and are excited to be back in Buckhead.  F&B is a “cozy, comfortable bistro” with a great bar and a relaxed outdoor patio. It serves contemporary French and Mediterranean-inspired food. Some items from Brasserie LeCoze appear on the new menu, such as roasted skate wing, a lamb sandwich, white bean soup with truffle oil, and mussels marinière.  Other items offer lighter fare with a Mediterranean influence.

F&B’s interior has  rough-hewn beams, wrought iron and dark woods. It is located in the new Ritz Residence building next to Phipps.

We had a great talk with Cindy and Fabrice. These things came up….

  • How Fabrice started (at Disney),
  • Working with your spouse or mate,
  • Importance of location and working downtown,
  • Arriving in NYC alone with no cash,
  • Manager restaurateur versus Chef restaurateur,
  • Being manager versus owner,
  • Training is never over,
  • Importance of cash flow,
  • Managing food costs in an era of rising costs,
  • The 30-30-30-10 rule , cost, payroll, operations, profit, and
  • Organic versus local grown.

And of course, we had a discussion about what F&B might stand for and what it really does stand for.  Might surprise you!

I loved this one and recommend a listen and a visit to F&B!