Buying Selling a Restaurant & Nespresso

Guests: Jan Trebley of Dining Out Magazine, Scott Lee of National Restaurant Properties, and Merritt Burdett of Nespresso

Scott Lee

Scott Lee

I was excited to welcome Jan Trebley of Dining Out Magazine again. And she brought a friend, Merritt Burdett of Nespresso. On the phone, Scott Lee joined us to educate us about the value of a restaurant, an issue that comes up frequently on the show. How much is it worth?

Scott shares some of the secrets about pricing and all the variables that determine price, and value.  (They are not the same.)  National Restaurant Properties is an east cost based group with 15 offices here in the south, the home of the world’s best, most innovative restaurants! And incredibly, there is a great franchise opportunity for the Atlanta market now available. (Its rare an opening exists in their system.) Great info from Scott, if you ever want to learn what your place is worth, this is a must listen.

Merritt sells Nespresso machines, which can be a great new revenue stream for any restaurant.  Nespresso’s patented the process of brewing espresso from capsules containing ground coffee, so you can offer your guests a greater variety of individual products and flavors. George Clooney has appeared in ads for them and Merritt explains how this can be a great product for you.


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