Agave’s Tim Pinkham

Guest: Tim Pinkham, Managing Partner Agave

Tim PinkhamTim Pinkham moved to Atlanta in 1999 during a hiatus from college and began working in restaurants in mainly front-of-house roles. He worked for two restaurants that would eventually go out of business (“Amerigo” and “Grappa”) and eventually as head waiter at the Atlanta Fish Market.  Here he learned what it takes to run a successful eatery in the highly competitive Atlanta restaurant scene.

In 2003, he joined the Agave team and while finishing his college degree, quickly worked my way his way up to Assistant Manager to GM and eventually Co-Owner. Tim said, “There are few industries in which you are allowed to create something from scratch, offer it to your customers during what is essentially a live performance, and enjoy the instant gratification that comes from pulling it off seven nights a week.”

Agave is an eclectic southwestern eatery appealing to a wide array of tastes and styles. They focus on guest satisfaction in a high energy dining room and tequila bar.

Tim was a great guest!  Some of the things we discussed….

– Franchise versus independent restaurants,
– having a southern upbringing,
– how 58% of tuna in the US is fake,
– the big step up from an independent small place to a $12 million winner,
– drinking on the job,
– hiring only people with mouths to feed,
– what to look for when hiring,
– neck tattoos,
– sweet equity,
– getting your  life right,
– and seeing the kids while working at night.  GREAT STUFF