Going Green Supershow!

Guests: Robert Del Bueno of Southern Green Industries, Steven Satterfield of Miller Union, and Janice Reece of the Atlanta Community Food Bank

Guest Host: Ryan Costigan of the Georgia Restaurant Association

This show is devoted to going green, and I’d like to thank Robert Del Bueno for his help in arranging it. Our great guests….


Robert Del Bueno

Robert Del Bueno has been one of the key figures in Atlanta’s green energy movement for a few years now. Robert is Managing Partner at Southern Grease Industries, whose aim is to become a primary conduit for the local recycling of grease and used frying oils. By gathering the used oils produced by many restaurants and the grease from virtually anyone with a grease trap, they strive to provide a more environmentally responsible energy option to Atlanta via locally produced bio-diesel.

Janice Reece

Janice Reece

Janice Reece is the Marketing and Project director of Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB). The ACFB is widely known as a reputable force against poverty and hunger in Atlanta. They also provide educational services along with training, community service, advocacy programs, and food distribution. For 33 years, they have been distributing food and grocery products for the hungry through a network of 600 nonprofits that distribute meals and groceries to the hungry. They distribute food to our partner nonprofits, and they in turn, provide the meals and groceries to the families and individuals in need. And it’s a tremendous amount of food.  In January and November, they broke all time records and distributed more than 4 million pounds in each of those months.  This year, they expect to exceed 40 million pounds distributed to our partner nonprofits.

Steven Satterfield

Steven Satterfield

Steven Satterfield, along with Neal McCarthy, is owner of  Miller Union, where they believe in the partnership between chef and farmer. The menu is based around each week’s harvest as they take care to preserve the true flavors of the ingredients with a simple rustic preparation.  Miller Union’s unique space is on the site once occupied by the Miller Union Stockyards. Steven is a GA Tech Architecture graduate and is helping lead the revitalization of Atlanta’s dynamic Westside with his great dining spot.

Ryan CostiganRyan Costigan is commonly known as the “voice for Georgia’s Restaurants” with his role at the Georgia Restaurant Association, and so it seemed fitting to have him guest host. He has been with us 3-4 times already and so was the obvious choice. And he did a great job.






This special green episode on Restaurant Owner Radio was great: educational, interesting, important to listen to.