Chef CPA and Super New Order App

Guests: Sal Morrone of Joel Popkin CPA and Zach Zurn and Adam Dougherty of 


Sal Morrone

Sal Morrone, CPA is a senior auditor at Joel Popkin and Company in New York. He specializes in the hospitality and restaurant industries. Some big name chefs have his number in their smart phones! Besides over 30 years of experience, Sal has taught classes in bookkeeping, accounting and business start-up. He is a member of the NYSSCPA Hospitality Industry Committee.



Zach Zurn

Zach Zurn

Zach Zurn and Adam Dougherty are co-founders of Blizzfull, an incredibly cool new online ordering app. Check out their video and I cannot wait to see this tech at my local restaurants. Adam Dougherty