ObamaCare and Restaurants – What To Do?

Guests: Tim Dreslinski, Benefit & Health Care Reform Consultant with EnrollURbenefits.com and  Derek Moore Senior Benefits Consultant at The Leavitt Group – Restaurant Division


Tim Dreslinski


Derek Moore

All restaurant owners are concerned about the impacts of ObamaCare. I want to make one thing crystal clear: we are not here to talk politics and I am NOT smart enough to understand the law or its implications. So, I went and found two experts, Tim and Derek, and I let them explain it. Their words, their opinions, and most importantly, their advice on how to handle the new law. Thanks to both for their great advice and help. I hope this episode helps settle some of your concerns!

Tim works for Enroll UR Benefits out of the Dallas area, and Derek works The Leavitt Group out of Orange County, California.