Perfect Pay at Table and From Bouncer to Owner

Guests: Joe Snell of Viableware and Omar Shaikh of the SURG Group


Joe Snell

Joe Snell, Founder and CEO of Viableware

railJoe Snell has started several success VC funded businesses. The restaurant industry is lucky is current venture is designed to help them. I think it will change the industry. Joe gives us an update on his newest venture, Viableware, THE solution to POS problems in the food and beverage industry. See more of Joe Snell here…


Omar Shaikh


Omar Shaikh, Co-owner of the SURG group

This is the quintessential Restaurant Owner Radio story, the story we love to hear the most. Omar was a bouncer just 9 years ago, and today he is Co-founder of one of the premier restaurant groups in the US. We get the whole story, how he got started, how he moved to the top, and his plans to the future.

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